Bring Your Child's Dream Birthday To Life With A Just Add Color Party!
Kids Everywhere Are Losing Their Minds For Just Add Color Parties
We know what you're thinking...
Is It Easy To Clean?
Yes! The color powder is washed away with water. That's it!
Just Add Color Party Games
Color Throws
Human Canvas
Sneak Attack
Color Line Dancing
Unicorn Poop
Messy Hugs
What Color Games Will You Play At Your Party?
"One Of The Funnest Times They Ever Had"
Shalisse Smith-Mom Of Three, CA
My little kids had one of the funnest times they've ever had. Now my 22 year old wants one.
"It Will Be Talked About For Years To Come"
Jenna Osborne, Mom Of 4, OH
I really couldn’t recommend this party experience highly enough. Everyone had so much fun and I know it will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

I honestly found clean-up easier than expected. You may have a few moments of “dear lord, what have I gotten myself into?” upon seeing a small horde of color-soaked children, but I promise it isn’t that bad.
"Our Just Add Color Party Will Go Down In The Record Books"
Becka Mellon, Mom Of Three, NC
Dancing in the colorful powder was one of our favorite activities. The powder lingers for just moments but long enough for some serious dance moves!

When the kids were played out they were covered head to toe in bright colors. Again, I thought this was going to be a nightmare to get it off them. The purple and pink came off immediately almost with shaking, the blue took a little more but came of with some soap and water.

The whole party was a smashing success! Our Just Add Color Party will go down in the record books. I’m not sure how we are going to top it!
"We Had No Problems Washing Everyone Up At All"
Kathy Blouin-Potvin, Mom Of Two, WI
So much fun and so much color! This is something I would highly recommend to anyone, whether it’s kids or adults, you’re sure to have a blast. 

It’s very easy to clean up too. All you really need is some water to get it all washed up. We had no problems washing everyone up at all. It came out so quickly and easily!

It was wonderful just seeing all their smiling faces while they were all having fun.
"The Fun Was Just As Incredible For Every Age And Ability"
Athena Nagel, Mom And Grandma, CT
The fun was just as incredible for every age and every ability – my 17 year old son is autistic and although it took some persuasive skills on my part before hand, he did end up complying and was overjoyed once he started participating.

The showers were easy as can be with plenty of soap. 

It was about an hour of ZERO fighting or bickering for the boys and complete laughs! 

Many of us have been going through some really trying times lately and it was a blessing to forget about our worries and just play with the kids.
"We Love To Play And Get Messy As A Family"
Emily Terrell, Mom Of 4, TX
We love to play and get messy as a family!

We took the color powder to a wide open field to play. Plenty of room to spread out and run in! We talked about the games, but once the powder-flinging commenced... let's just say that we chose to chase each other and spread the color as much as possible! 

I loved the Golden Tickets most of all. Really adds to the magic of the event.

I enjoyed the Color Bonkers. Simple, but fun! 
"The Kids Want To Know When We Can Do It Again!"
Pam Rote, Mom Of Two, NY
The Color Party Guide book has great advice about clean up and how to prepare your guest, what to wear, and how to prep for the car for ride if they are driving home. 

Washing color off the body was as easy as a good shower. Our clothing did take two cycles of washing to get clean. 

Over all the party was a HUGE success and the kids want to know when we can do it again!
"Our Kids Loved The Body Paint And We Played Unicorn Poop Twister"
Will Strauss-Dad Of Two, UT
Just Add Color was perfect for my daughter's 7th birthday. Our kids loved the body paint and we played Unicorn Poop Twister. There was hardly any powder left on the grass when we were done. We had a younger group and an older group. Everyone had a blast! 

Parents of the other kids loved it. Next up...we're adding color to our family reunion.
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