Everything You'll Get In Your Just Add Color Party Pack
5 Pounds Of 
Pink Powder
5 Pounds Of 
Blue Powder
5 Pounds Of 
Purple Powder
Guide to 30 Best Color Activities, Party Prep and Clean-Up
3 Powder 
Paint Brushes. Use For Human Canvas And Timed Color Throws
10 Golden Ticket Invitations
 5 lbs Of Purple ($25 Value)
 5 lbs Of Pink ($25 Value)
 5 lbs Of Blue ($25 Value)
 FREE Ryan's Color Party Guide ($20 Value)
 FREE 3 Powder Paintbrushes ($10 Value)
 FREE 10 Golden Tickets ($10 Value)
 FREE Shipping ($35 Value)
Total Value: $150
Start Planning Your Party Today For:
Compare to arcade, movie, bowling alley parties that cost between $150-$250 for party of 10.
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